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Not sure what to check? We've got your back...
Please check your local Government website before booking any trips to the USA during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Passport Check

Some countries will not permit a traveller if their passport has less than 6 months remaining until the expiration date. You can check this on the country's Government website. Or give us a call and we can research it for you!

Ensure it's in date and the name matches completely with all travel and flight documents.

Visa Requirements

Every country has a different policy on visa requirements and it is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct visa/s for your trip. Some countries may have time restrictions on applications too. For example, the USA do not permit applications within 72 hours of your travel departure. So be the early bird when it comes to your visa!

You will need to contact the Embassy of the countries you are visiting, so if you're still unsure check out their Government website for further assistance and information.

Here are a few for our top destinations:

United Kingdom



We have our travel experts on hand to find you the best deals we can find for your adventure. With all flights it's essential you book them under the name as it appears on your passport or the passport of the travellers. 

Be sure to check-in before your flight, (most airlines open their online check-in services anywhere between 24 - 48 hours prior to departure date), print off your boarding passes. Checking in online is also a great time to double check your baggage allowance. 

Travel Insurance

We highly recommend you take out travel insurance before your Mustang Travels trip. Miss your flight? Your covered. Feeling unwell? You're covered. Lose your laptop? Don't stress. You're covered. 

Need we say more?

Currency Exchange

One of our fave ways to carry and use your destination's currency is by taking out a pre-paid currency card. No hassle. Easy to use in multiple destinations. A quick Google search will show you some options but feel free to ask our advice too!

Weather & Climate Check

Let's face it - nobody enjoys stepping off a plane to what was supposed to be a sunshine filled location and feeling the splatter of rain on your face. A quick search of the weather and climate will help you to pack accordingly and ensure you have all the essentials you need. 



Those big adventures don't plan themselves. Don't get lost and confused with your travel plans. We'll send you all your Mustang Travels' itineraries as soon as their confirmed so that you have time to print them out,  highlight and go over all your top bits, and familiarise yourself with your exciting journey ahead!